YouTube’s new super chat feature

YouTube has added a new feature called super chat which has replaced the fan funding option which it had before. The basic requirement to get this feature for a content creator is to have at least 100,000 Subscribers .

As for the viewers whenever there is a live stream of you favorite content creator you will see a $ icon in bottom right of the chat window where you will be able to send a super chat to the creator which intern will help the content creator .

What super chat basically does is it pins your comment for a particular amount of time which depends on the amount you spend in super chat.

Things that depend on Amount spent in super chat

  1. Time you comment will be pinned
  2. Character limit that you will get to send

It will range from 20 inr to 10000 inr  . Below are the screen shots of the super chat how does it appear in reality

When you pay 20 inr you wont be able to write any text . Just you name will be highlighted in the comment section 

When you pay 1000 inr your comment will be pinned for 30 min. and you can write 250 characters 

When you pay 10000 inr your comment will be pinned for 5 Hours and you can write 350 Characters

Your superchat messages will be displayed like shown above which will be there for the specified time based on your payment made

Post Author: anjumis