VU 42 INCH 42D6475

Product Details & Build Quality

Let me tell you that from the first impression that i got it was awesome the product build quality the tv stand,its plastic is awesome and docent feel cheap
If you are looking of buying it buy it without thinking of any thing because i can guarantee you that it looks awesome when you see in personal . It have a great finish to every thing



Display Quality

The display Quality is amazing with my experience with the hd videos that i played the tv showed crystal clear videos . Its equivalent with most of the top brands that are available in the market .

Best Viewing Experience

 You can see the tv with the nearest position also no problem . But there were certain questions and comments on the tv about pixelation .

So if you want to know the best distance of viewing the tv without any pixelation   i would recommend at 5 ft . Pics are attached below

After 5 ft you wont see any pixel . But that dosent mean you cant sit near . you will only see pixel on the text written and that’s not the problem of the tv .

Even with Samsung and Sony tv you will have same problem only computer monitors show sharp text when you sit close to them because they are meant to be seen from near . Tv are designed to be seen from far distance so that’s not the problem .

Because i also have experienced a Samsung tv and it also has the same problem ( That’s not a problem ) .

Because the bigger the screen the more farther the pixel are aligned together so you have to sit at a distance . And with Monitors and Mobile phones the smaller the screen more closely the pixel are aligned  . For the above reason a 42 inch computer monitor would be much costly than tv because they have to align the pixel more closely for the viewing experience from the near .

You buy any tv in the market you have to at least sit some distance away for the best experience .

Hope it clarify the above issue


There are most of the TVs in the market whose  tv interface is just messed up . But with this particular vu tv you get a great informative menus with the exact setting you are looking for .
i had no problem in navigating the menus . i have attached the screenshot of the menus of the TV where you can check
At first before i got the tv delivered i was thinking of attaching external speakers to the tv coz i thought it wouldn’t be loud or the audio would not be that good but its loud and with my volume being at just 18 level

Brightness vu 42inch tl


Its brightness level is very high even with direct sunlight being hit i didn’t find any issue in watching the channels and reflections .

Connected Hdd (Hard disk ) and USB to TV

video streams without any lag . You can see the Hard disk attached . Supports all formats .

Played videos in various formats in Full hd 1080 p

Brightness vu 42inch tl
Brightness vu 42inch tl

Formats the tv supports

Below are the file formats that are supported . i have tested all and it does play perfectly without any lag .

supported file formats as follows

.avi, .mpg, .ts, .mkv, .mov, .dat, .rm, .rmvb, .flv

xvid,MPEG2, H. 264 HP, MPEG4 ASP, MPEG1, Real 8/9/10, H.264 HP

Brightness vu 42inch tl

Connected pc to tv & Gaming

Windows 8 looks amazing and awesome . Connected it via hdmi in full hd

you also have option to connect it via V.G.A

Played cs on the tv . works without any lag on full hd resolution ( You Require a strong pc ( Graphic card ) to support big screen )


you get the following content
1. Remote with batteries
2.user Manuel
3. wall mount
4. vu voucher ( get 1000 rs off on next purchase of vu TV )
5. TV stand


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