Understand led bulb and tube light before making a purchase

If you want to transfer from regular or cfl to led below are the must  things you should note before making an led bulb purchase

  1. Watt rating of existing bulb
  2. Kelvin rating of existing bulb usually it ranges from 3000-6500k
  3. Luminous intensity of the existence bulb range varies 20lm-2500lm and more depends on bulb


If you want to switch to using led bulb and don’t know the brightness to watt ratio of led bulb to chose from that read the article completely

Brightness of any bulb doesn’t actually depend on watt rating of the  bulb whether it is cfl,led or any . Watt is just the power consumed by that bulb. To know about the brightness of the bulb you should check its luminous intensity given either on bulb or on the box. to switch from cfl to led without disturbing you existing brightness just note you present bulb lm rating and buy led bulb with that same rating i.e lm

Color Temperature

Now this is also a important factor when buying a led bulb usually cfl and your house tube light come with color temperature of 6500k that is white and a lot of cheap led in market come with a temperature rating on 5700k which is white buy slightly yellowish tint. So if you are not used to that yellow tint you will get irritated with it .

Always buy the led with color temperature of 6500 or whatever you have with your existing bulbs to get exactly what you want.

Watt rating

It is the last factor to check or if you really what low power usage but should only be bought after checking its luminous intensity to check if it really is bright enough or even extra bright or your requirement

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