Tukzer Micro-USB Review Fast Charging Cable

Tukzer Micro-USB

Below is the review of the trukz charging cable compared to other cable from other company .

Usually if you mobile phone is and the cable is new and perfect you tend to think about the fact that now you have the new cable so your charger is faulty . But it could be other way round with the possibility that even you new cable might be faulty or not capable of providing the rated mah to you phone .

I have two products both tested with same 2 A charger and the charging results are totally different one charges the phone at a rate above 1300 mAh and the other at 800 mAh . So with the above test I figured it out that the cable playes a lot important part in charging the phone and not just the charger

The tukzer cable charged the phone at a rate above 1300 mAh and while watching youtube its rate went above 1600 mAh .  as for the other company cable it stayed at 800 and even while watching youtube my battery percent was not going up nor coming down just sayed there itself


Conclusion – If you want to buy a cable with no worries of the current that its going to supply I remommend to go with tukzer because I have tested it …if you phone still has the issue of charging that it might be the problem of the charger .

Amazon link http://amzn.to/2jVnohQ

For any queries of any product do let me know down below and I will try to reply to as many as possible

As for the other companys cable on the right you can clearly see the charging rate that cable is providing even thoug the phone , charger is same  

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